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Marine Fuel Oil




Marine Fuel Oil

Bunker Fuel Definition: there are two basic types of marine fuels - distillate and residual. A third type is a mixture of these two, commonly called "intermediate". Distillate fuel is composed of petroleum fractions of crude oil that are separated in a refinery by a boiling or "distillation" process. Residual fuel or "residuum" is the fraction that did not boil, sometimes referred to as "tar" or "petroleum pitch". Fuel for marine use in engines and boilers has the following types and grades:

Distillate DMX, DMA, DMB, DMC Gas Oil or Marine Gas Oil

Intermediate IFO 180 380 Marine Diesel Fuel or

Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO)

Residual RMA-RML Fuel Oil or Residual Fuel Oil

We offer our customers high-quality marine fuel oils and technical expertise to support regulatory compliance.

A multi-fuel future

In 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced a 0.5 per cent global sulphur cap on marine fuels emissions that will be implemented in 2020. That decision will trigger a major change in fuel selection; high-sulphur heavy fuel oil (HSFO) will only be consumed onboard a vessel if an exhaust gas scrubber system has been installed.

There is not one obvious fuel solution that will apply to all vessels. As a responsible supplier, we are using our technical knowledge and dedication to quality to work closely with customers to help determine the best route to compliance for their vessels.

Safe and reliable supply

With our integrated supply chain and use of mass flow metering technology, we ensure reliable fuel deliveries in a safe and timely manner at the ports we serve around the world.



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