SCS-350MA IR language transmitter main unit

Wireless directional transmission avoided the radio disturbance and wiretapping.
.Automatic Level Control.(ALC)
.Adopt high frequency( 2M-8MHz) transmission it ensure anti-jamming frequency.
.Adopt phase-locked loop (PLL) technique to achieve stabile transmitting frequency.
.Equipped with 32 input audio connectors, it is able to input external audio signals.
.Equipped with 32 output audio connectors, it is able to output audio signals to different audio devices like amplifier and audio recorder.
.The test function can create 6 various frequency audio signals for system test.
.Level indicators can monitor the intensity of the input audio level directly.
.Alarm function can automatically send out the warning message to all the audio channels.
.Cover with metal material and earth well to ensure the 8000V antistatic performance.

Model SCS-350MA IR Transmitter Unit
Power supply 100-240V
Power consumption 15W
Crystal Crystal control
Modulation PPL, narrow band
Carrier wave frequency 2M20MHz (BAND4)
Pre-emphasis 100μs
Deviation ±6kHz (peak value ±7kHz)
Total harmonic distortion <1%
SNR >80dB
Frequency response 6012KHz
Input Sensitivity 50mV-1.5V
RF output 2 BNC,100mV RMS
RF output impedance 50Ω
Dimension 430L×275W×90H(mm)
Weight 6.8KG
Color Gray


    ①AUDIO INPUT CHANNEL CH0-CH11: The original audio can be from wire microphone or wire interpretation audio input equipment.
    ② SIGNAL OUT 1~2 (TO IR Radiator)
    ④ INTERPRETER’S UNIT: Main unit can connect 1~11 interpreter unit by hand-in-hand connection.
    ⑤ AC POWER INPUT: 110/220VAC±5% 50/60Hz