Fully Digital Voting Unit

Features Specifications Connection diagram PDF Download


  • Working with SCS-6100MA controller, provide system expansion up to 120 delegate units, can expand to 2000 delegate unites at most by working expansion host.
  • Indirection at microphone with red ting indicator.
  • .The integrated loud speaker will automatically mute to avoid howling  when the microphone turns on.
  • The active microphone can be limited in different numbers by setting in the front panel.
  • Communicating in the hand-in-hand daisy-chain, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Based on SAMCEN originated fully digital audio processing and transmitting technology
  • Transmitting the high quality digital audio signals on a dedicated 8P cable
  • 160 X32mm LCD display screen menu of Chinese and English, the voting result, information can be show on the screen.
  • Audio signals processed by the high performance DSP - sound quality is close to CD quality
  • Hi-Fi sound quality even in long range transmission
  • Advanced TCP/IP protocol for communication between main unit and PC
  • Easy to implement remote control, remote diagnosis, and remote update
  • Individually adjustable microphone sensitivity and EQ
  • 4 prestored audio effect modes: NORMAL/PRESS/THEATER/PARLIAMENT
  • Built-in multi-channel intercom facility
  • Independent MIC synchronous recording
  • Parallel redundancy & multi-room configuration
  • Plug and play for all units
  • Communicating in the hand-in-hand daisy-chain, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Working with the control system to realize the function of camera auto-tracking.
  • Voice Control: When the controller switched to voice control, the MIC can open ON automatic while the speaker begin to speak.