SCS-7310 Video Conferencing Terminal

SCS-7310 is a set-top videoconferencing terminal, integrated with a PTZ camera. Incorporating outstanding video & audio performance and exceptional network adaptability, SCS-7310 brings you perfect videoconferencing experience.

Products Highlights

- Exceptional Video/Audio Quality
Embedded with efficient H.264 video codec and Broadband Sound Processing technologies and with integration of the Video Intelligence Optimization and Coding Policy Adjustment technologies, SCS-6210/6210E lets you enjoy an exceptional audiovisual experience in any type of bandwidth environment, even in limited uploading speed of ADSL access networks.

- Efficient Remote Collaboration
It becomes very easy by sharing a high resolution screen images from your laptop through this video communication channel with multiple sites. Every participant can browse your presentation slides, pictures, spreadsheets or documents simultaneously while watching your speech image. Audience can choose a PIP mode either on one TV set or use one TV and one projector separately.

- Strong Network Adaptability
With power of IPLR (Intelligent Packet Loss Recovery), Dynamic Rate Adjustability and QoS Optimization technologies, this Video Terminal can automatically adapt to different network environments and ensure conference running under adverse Internet network conditions. SCS-7310 also consists of a built-in proxy, which allows setting up a traversal over NAT and firewall, without any additional equipment. Thus, you can rapidly deploy a highly secured network on the basis of Internet connection.

- Intensive Security Feature
SCS-7310 adopts the 128-bit high-reliability encryption mechanism to insure conference information security. In addition, it incorporates the embedded design architecture based on dedicated chips and strict authorization & authentication policies to prevent system security from unauthorized access.

- Telephone Call
SCS-7310 provides user with the incoming/outgoing phone call function. Those who are not present to a conference site can also attend the conference by using a fixed line telephone or a mobile phone. Furthermore, it can serve as a standalone teleconferencing terminal.

- Conference Multicast
SCS-7310 supports conference multicast function, which makes live multicast of a conference to LAN users. In this way, those who are not present to conference site can watch the conference from their PC in office.

- Simple and Easy to Use
SCS-7310 is a compact and fashionable design product with integration of a high-performance PTZ camera. Besides, the package comes with a high-quality omni directional microphone. The setup is simple by connecting SCS-7310 to a TV set or projector and to a network connection. SCS-7310 provides you with friendly Graphic User Interface, you can use its remote control to initiate a conference, just as simple as making a phone call.

- Protocol Standards
System standard: H.323,SIP
Video standard:H.263、H.263+、H.264、H.264 High Profile、MPEG-4
Audio standard: G.711、G.719、G.722、G.722.1 Annex C / Polycom Siren14 、G.728 、G.729、MP3、MPEG4-AAC(LC/LD)
Network protocols: TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, DHCP, RTP/RTCP

- Video Features
Support video local echo Adjustable brightness ,saturation, contrast

- Dual-stream
Support H.239 standard dual video protocol Single-screen dual-display,dual-screen dual-display Support dynamic dual-stream/static dual-stream Point to point conference or multipoint conference Support bandwidth control

- Audio Features
Audio sampling frequency:48KHz、AEC、ANS、AGC Auto Lip Synchronization、silence and mute control

- Caption/banner/logo
Support short message Support caption rolling, paging Support caption loading Support logo setting

- Conference features
Point to point conference or multipoint conference. Can apply for attending the meeting、speaking、chairman、chiming in... Support E.164 Number、alias、IP address calling

- Security
Based on H.235 Conference Encipherment Conference Password Log on locally and Authorization Built-in Firewall Support H.235 gatekeeper password authentication

- Languaget
Chinese ,English

- Wide Angle Lens
Wide-angle lens can be used on Small and Medium size conference room

- Encoding Capability
Support maximum of 1080p30fps+UXGA30/ 1080p30fps encoding

- Decoding Capability
Support maximum of 1080p60fps+UXGA30/ 1080p30fps