Keyboard Controller

·SCS-KB500 Support Perco D/ P ,VISCA RS-422/RS485 protocol communication、high speed、long distance communication control.
2 RS422/485 communication interface,longer distance,Max 2000m.
Preset 6-16 camera,like pan control、 lens position、white balance、image、pause.

Joystick 4-axis, zoom function, shuttle, jog in the knob, auto returning 
Buttons 28, multifunction, silicon + key stoke
Display  LCD, 2 lines of 20 characters, backlight 
Dimensions 355(L) × 150(W) ×155(H)mm 
Weight: 1.47kg (w/o Power supply);1.89 kg (with Power supply);          2.4kg (prepared for shipping)
Operating Temperature  -10°C - 70°C
Humidity 30% - 90% (w/o condensation)
Adapter DC12V / 1000mA 
Power source 12 VDC
Power consumption 2.7 W (not loaded line)
Recommended adapter AC100-240V-12VDC/1000mA 
Connectors:  1 x RJ-45 (RS-485) (for digital video recorders)
RS485(COM1)RS485 power output,2000M(for camera)
RS485(COM2)RS485 two-way communication、standard 485 main line,1200M(for camera)
USB-D USB2.0(for computer)